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Papers 2009
Wpisał: Lucjan Gucma   

1.      Gucma L., Perkovic M., Przywarty M., Assessment of influence of traffic intensity increase on collision probability in the Gulf of Trieste. Annual of Navigation 15/2009. Pdf


2.      Gucma L., Complex model of navigational accident probability assessment based on real time simulation and manoeuvring cycle concept. Proc. of the 9th ESREL Conference, Prague, 2009. Pdf


3.      Gucma L., Determination of minimal depth in Ystad Port for maximal expected ferries (T=6.3m). Proc. of the 13th International Scientific and Technical Conference on Marine Traffic Engineering, Malmo, Sweden, 2009. Pdf


4.      Gucma L., Management of navigational safety on coastal areas with use of ships traffic monitoring. Proc. of the 13th International IMAM Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009. Pdf


5.      Gucma L., Methods of ship-bridge collision safety evaluation. Reliability & Risk Analysis: Theory & Applications 2(13) part 1, vol. 2 ,2009, June, ISSN 1932-2321. Pdf


6.      Gucma L., Gucma M., Probabilistic method of minimal safety depth evaluation for maximal ferries approaching to Ystad Port. Proc. of the 7th International Probabilistic Workshop, Delft, Holland, 2009. Pdf


7.      Gucma L., Gucma S., Gucma M., Safety of maneuvering, mooring and unloading of LNG carriers in the outer port of Świnoujście. Bezpieczeństwo manewrów cumowania i przeładunków zbiornikowców LNG w porcie zewnętrznym Świnoujście. Scientific Journals of Maritime University of Szczecin No 18(90), Szczecin, 2009. Pdf


8.      Gucma L., Gucma M., Puszcz A., The research on Świnoujście ferry crossing traffic in terms of modernization stand no. 6 of sea ferries terminal. Badanie ruchu promów na przeprawie miejskiej w Świnoujściu w aspekcie modernizacji stanowiska nr 6 Bazy Promów Morskich w Świnoujściu. Scientific Journals of Maritime University of Szczecin No. 18(90), Szczecin, 2009. Pdf


9.      Gucma L., Gucma M., Bąk A., Pilot Navigation system – integrated toll for vessels handling in ports, System Pilotowo-Dokingowy – Nowe narzędzie zabezpieczenia operacji morskich. Proc. of the 16th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems, Saint Petersburg, May 2009, pp. 247-253. Pdf


10.   Gucma L., Schoeneich M., Monte Carlo method of ships underkeel clerance evaluation for safety of ferry approaching to Ystad Port determination. Electronic Journal Reliability & Risk Analysis: Theory & Applications 2(13) part 1 (vol.2) 2009, June, pp. 42-49. Pdf

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