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 .. some little obsolete;)

- Offer and Competence of Marine Traffic Engineering (MTE) Research Team Pdf
- Bulletin of Marine Traffic Engineering (MTE) Research Team Pdf_en, Pdf_pl
- MTE researches presentetions Pdf
- MTE brochure Pdf
- MTE references and some of the implemented projects Pdf
- MTE folder (3 page) Pdf
- MTE methods 90 slide presentetion Pdf1(simulation), Pdf2, (real1) Pdf3, (real2)
- MTE short presentation Pdf
- Marine Traffic Engineering (1 page short info) Pdf1, Pdf2
- Informacja po polsku o Instytucie In¿ynierii Ruchu Morskiego Pdf_pl
- Some info about my University Pdf

1. Manouevring simulators:
 1.1. PC based Pdf
 1.2. Full mission (Centre of Marine Traffic Engineering - EU project) Pdf
 1.3. History of our simulators since 70-ties;-) Pdf

2. Navigational systems
 2.1. Polish Pilot Navigational System (PNS): Pdf1Pdf2Pdf3_presentetion, Demo (coming soon)
 2.2. Monitoring Systems AIS based: AIS Google (see also P.Bany¶ demo - dead last time)
 2.3. Anticolision systems
 2.4. Fishing vessels monitoring systems

4. Safety of navigation
 4.1. Underkeel clearance Monte Carlo method (see publications) our WWW site with model.
 4.2. Stochastic model of ship navigation safety (see publications).
 4.3. Management of safety on large costal areas.
 4.4. Protection of bridges in respect to ship collisions
       (Lecture Methods of bridge protection: Pdf1, Pdf2, Pdf3Pdf4Pdf5Pdf6, Pdf7
        & see publications).

5. Real-time researches:
 5.1. GPS RTK Pdf1, Pdf2
 5.2. Laser based (see publications and above)
 5.3. Close Range Photogrammetry (see publications and above)
 5.4. Research ship "Nawigator XXI" Pdf

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